Canada’s Best Derivatives – 1g Distillate – Various Flavours

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Canada’s Best Derivatives – 1g Distillate – Various Flavours


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THC: 90-99%

(1 customer review)

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A dabber’s dream! This THC distillate from Canada’s Best Derivatives is made from only the best food-grade solvents and stainless steel equipment, resulting in products of exceptional quality. If you are searching for the best distillate on the market, you’ve come to the right place. The flavour’s are mouth watering!

Canada’s Best Derivatives THC Distillate delivers THC levels of at least 95%. This is made possible thanks to unique decarboxylation methods used to produce it. The result is the purest, cleanest THC oil, packed with awesome flavors that you’re sure to fall in love with. Combat all the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain with this great-tasting THC oil.


RAW: THC Distillate

FLAVOURS: THC Distillate, Terpenes

What’s In The Package

1g of Distillate

THC: 90-99%

Directions/Suggested Use

Slightly heat syringe tip using a lighter on the tip or rolling it between your hands to warm the distillate before pushing on the syringe. The distillate is a very thick consistency.  We recommend cannabis concentrates and distillate first-time users start with a small amount. Allow 60-90 minutes for full effect before another dose is considered. Dose can be adjusted accordingly until the desired effects are achieved.

Recommended For

Anxiety, depression, relaxation, insomnia, fatigue, energy, focus, creativity


19+. Keep out of reach of children. If you are currently taking any pharmaceutical drugs, are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions, please consult with your physician before use. Do not operate vehicles or machinery. Ask you doctor if this product/strength is right for you.

What is THC Distillate?

For one, it’s the purest cannabis concentrate available on the market, which continues to fill the void for many medical patients. The process is also known as molecular distillation, an extraction method that virtually separates even the most minute compounds from cannabis – such as THC, terpenes, additional lipids, pesticides, plant material and a host of others. Because cannabis requires very high boiling points for its cannabinoids to vaporize, this “short path distillation process” in combination with high powered vacuums makes up for a highly effective way to distill cannabis’ compounds at lower temperatures. The THC distillation process is split into two parts, where the first removes terpenes (which can be re-introduced to THC distillates at a later stage) from cannabinoids, and the second part removes lipids, impurities and solvents. Which results in an odourless, aroma-free, pure distillate. The process not only creates a very pure cannabis extraction but also leaves out the necessity for using solvents to bind with marijuana products. Solvents like BHO, Co2 and alcohol, as we all know, are harmful for many reasons, so when they’re excluded in the extraction process in making pure THC, it’s always a good sign. Distilled cannabis has the highest THC content of any available concentrate, period. Using the short path distillation process, THC distillates are 90-99% in purity, miles ahead of the 15-25% range found in flowers, or the 60-80% found in BHO and Co2 made concentrates. Frankly, the concentrate is revolutionary, given its one-two ultimate combo attack of going through a clean extraction process, which proves sustainable, and also, its high THC content, which proves to be the purest.

It’s no wonder why THC distillates are shaking the concentrate space.

Is there red in your distillate? Don’t panic! Oxidization causes distillate to turn red. You may notice your distillate is red near the tip of your syringe or the base where the plunger contacts the distillate. Over exposure to heat will also darken your distillate.

More about Canada’s Best Derivatives:

Years of experience makes Canada’s Best Derivatives brand one of the top trusted brands Canada has to offer. They work with local farmers in the British Columbia lower mainland to ensure a large selection of flowers. This allows them to maintain strict quality control.


Additional information


Raw, Butterscotch, Bubblegum, Blueberry, Banana, Black Cherry, Coconut, Melon, Root Beer, Strawberry, Vanilla, Watermelon

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    bought these for the flavor selection, watermelon had no flavor sadly but vanilla and bubblegum are amazing, worth the extra 10$

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