California Love OG Shatter – Diamond Concentrates


California Love OG Shatter – Diamond Concentrates


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Strain: California Love OG

Type: Hybrid

​This hybrid is damn near the middle between Indica and Sativa, having been bred from the venerable Haze and OG strains in California. Smell and taste profile calls to mind tropical locales and fruits, with a background of nice suble earthy tones to bring it home. This is another one that delivers a highly euphoric early stage followed by a relaxed but still social and attentive long period of relaxation. Great for reducing anxiety and lifting mood for a half a day, and the powerful genetics behind the flavor profile really comes through in the extraction process.


What is California Love OG?

California Love OG is a hybrid cross bred by Spectrum Genetics and grown by The 420 Machine. This cut was created by crossing Coastal Haze and Pie Face OG. Combining two of the most sought after flavors in cannabis, the flower melds the spiced, tropical aroma of Haze with the pungent earth and citrus of OG to create something entirely new. California Love OG immediately hits the head, but settles down into a relaxing, happy, and focused high perfect for an end of the day session with the squad or some quality solo RnR.

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