Mota 1:1 THC CBD For Sleep Tincture


Mota 1:1 THC CBD For Sleep Tincture


1:1  Sleep formula consists of Indica based THC oil, CBD isolate, Organic botanicals and Melatonin, combined together to help you fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper longer sleep.

Suggested Use: Shake well. Ingest orally .5ml  to 1ml before bedtime.


150mg Melatonin, 500mg CBD, 500mg THC


Used for:
Insomnia | Stress | Pain | Restlessness | Anxiety | Muscle Spasms

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Feeling stressed? Having restless nights? Trouble falling asleep? Have you ever tried THC and CBD for sleep? Combining melatonin, organic botanicals, CBD isolate and Indica based THC oil, known to reduce anxiety, relax mind and body and improve sleep, this cannabis tincture from Mota Edibles is what you need to get your sleep back on track. Taken an hour before going to bed, Mota Edibles cannabis tincture will help you fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper longer sleep.


Organic grape seed oil, Indica based THC oil, CBD isolate, Melatonin, Organic valerian root, Organic passion flower, Peppermint oil.

What’s In The Package

150mg Melatonin, 500mg CBD, 500mg THC

Directions/Suggested Use

We recommend cannabis edibles and CBD oil first time users start with a small amount. 1/3 a dropper to 1 full dropper, taken 1-2 times per day, preferably with food. Allow 60-90 minutes for full effect before another dose is considered. Dose can be adjusted accordingly until the desired effects are achieved.

Recommended For

Insomnia | Stress | Restlessness | Anxiety


19+. Keep out of reach of children. If you are currently taking any pharmaceutical drugs, are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions, please consult with your physician before use. Do not operate vehicles or machinery. Ask you doctor if this product/strength is right for you.

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