AMP’D UP Energy Shot – Mixed Berry Flavour (2mg CBD)

$5.49 $1.99


AMP’D UP Energy Shot – Mixed Berry Flavour (2mg CBD)

$5.49 $1.99


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Product Description:

Dose: 2mg Nano-Amplified CBD (Heneplex™) per 2oz Bottle

Key Benefits:
Potent THC-free nano­ amplified formulation
With Heneplex™ – a full spectrum nano hemp complex for superior phytocannabinoid (CBD) delivery
Fast and easy to consume
Quick, simple and effective

The key ingredients in AMP’D UP are also available in everyday foods – like broccoli, avocados, bananas, and apples – or already in you. It also contains a powerful punch of Heneplex™ delivering hemp phytocannabinoid supercharged nano delivery complex. That and more caffeine than a cup of the leading premium coffee and you’re bound to be “Amp’d” up!

About Heneplex™
Powered by unique nanotechnology, Heneplex™ is a full spec­trum hemp essential oil complex containing naturally occurring, non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD) and over 75 botanical terpenes.

More information about Heneplex: Heneplex


  • May cause drowsiness. Do not drive, operate machinery, or perform other important tasks when taking this product.
  • Not for use by children 18 years and under.
  • Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating.
  • Always consult your medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product, especially if you have any known allergies or medical conditions.

WARNING: Keep Out Of Reach of Children.

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Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Lime, Strawberry, Watermelon


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