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Looking for cheap weed to roll your joints or to bake cannabis edibles (cannabutter maybe)? Weed shake (or trim) is what you need! Proper weed shake is the cannabis “leftovers”, it usually contains a blend of AA to AAAA grade flowers and is great for smoking, baking or as topper. Whether you smoke it, vape it or convert it into oil, it’s the multi purpose and versatile weed you need if you consider buying cannabis online.

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Want to buy weed online besides weed shake? We offer a wide assortment of this top tier cannabis in a variety of forms including cannabis flowers, CBD oils, cannabis edibles (CBD gummies…) and more.

Buying cannabis online is made easy and safely with Puffland to help you. We guarantee that all our weed shakes are of high quality.

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What Is Shake Weed?

Shake weed, also called weed shake or marijuana shake can be described as cannabis leftovers. It consists of small pieces of cannabis flowers that break off. Buy weed online through shakes can be really interesting when you are a beginner and aren’t sure what to buy, but also when you are someone who regularly grinds your flower before using it, either in joints or for cannabis edibles. Shake offers customers the opportunity to buy cannabis at a discounted price due to its small bits and suboptimal freshness. 

buy weed online and weed shake to bake pot brownies

When to Use Shake Weed?

These cannabis leftovers can be used in several consumption methods like pre-rolls or cannabis edibles. Reputable retailers will take their leftovers, sans trim, and roll it up to get value out of product that is otherwise getting tossed away. Since you won't be able to see inside the pre-roll like you would a container, stick with quality cannabis cultivators and retailers. Cannabis edibles work well with shake as well. The smaller bits of material doesn't make it much less potent than flower from an intact bud would be. You're working with the same stuff more or less. You might even get lucky and come across some extra potent shake to liven up your edibles.

When Not to Use Shake Weed?

It would be ill-advised to make top-shelf concentrates like full melt hash with weed shake. Items that can only be produced from superior flower will not benefit from shake. Instead, stick to using the loose stuff only when the quality of the flower is less of a concern. Medical patients should also steer clear of shake. Patients require consistent doses and results. With weed shake, neither is guaranteed. Overall, if the product has any sort of strain uncertainty, it would be best to decline the shake.

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