cbd gummies for new users

CBD Gummies For First Time Users: Which Ones To Shop When You Buy Weed Online

CBD gummies in Canada are one of the most popular cannabis edibles. They are delicious, available in various shapes and flavours and can be both consumed by new and regular users. As opposed to joints, cannabis edibles allow users to consume precise dosages. (5mg, 10mg, 100mg…), which is one of the reasons so many consumers […]

mota edibles summer favourites

Our 5 Favourite Summer Cannabis Edibles From Mota Edibles

Summer is the ideal season to gather with friends and family, relax or explore. Whether your summer plans involve the beach, a BBQ, a hike, a road trip or all the above, one thing that can make these sunny and warm months even better are cannabis edibles. They are the little kick of relaxation, energy […]

CBD gummies canada

Cannabis Edibles: How To Choose CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are probably one of the most popular cannabis products when you buy weed online in Canada. These cannabis edibles are praised both by new users and connoisseurs who love their versatility, ease of use and delicious taste. From CBD gummies shaped like our childhood gummy bears, soft caramels, to sour and sweet jelly […]

cbd gummies canada for sleep

Best CBD Gummies For Sleep

Chamomile, essential oils, meditation… You tried everything to get better nights of sleep, but even counting sheep didn’t work. Stop everything you are doing right now. We have the solution for you and it’s called CBD oil for sleep! CBD oil is making wonders to treat insomnia, especially if it is caused by anxiety and […]

marys edibles cbd gummies

Cannabis Edibles: What You Should Know About Marys Edibles

Marys Edibles set out to become Canada’s finest edibles. Their focus is on ensuring the highest levels of excellence in processing so that customers get the best quality and consistency out of their cannabis edibles. All products are developed with food professionals, experts, lab tested and patient approved. It’s not surprising that they are among […]

herbivores edibles cannabis edibles

Cannabis Edibles: What You Should Know About Herbivores Edibles

Gummies, chocolate bars… What if you could enjoy your favourite childhood candies but as cannabis edibles? Sour cherries, candy colas, sour keys… Herbivores Edibles got them all! Same goes for the chocolate bars. This is the reason why so many people love Herbivores Edibles. They recreate our favourite candies into cannabis edibles and, that, without […]

twisted extracts cbd gummies

Cannabis Edibles: What You Should Know About Twisted Extracts

Known for its Original Jelly Bomb, a cannabis edible whose size and shape allows you to choose your ideal dose, Twisted Extracts is a cannabis users favourite also for its product selection and flavours. Enjoy delicious cannabis edibles such as caramels, tinctures and, of course, jellies. With Twisted Extracts, all products are lab tested to […]

Mota Edibles to shop on Puffland

Cannabis Edibles: What You Should Know About Mota Edibles

Mota Edibles is one of the leading cannabis edibles producers in Canada. With their extensive product selection and variety (gummies, chocolates, drinks, tinctures, concentrates, topicals…), it’s no wonder they are the most popular cannabis edibles brands in Canada. Proudly Canadian-made on beautiful Vancouver Island, with a focus on quality, purity, and consistency from its selection […]

CBD gummies - cannabis edibles

Best CBD Gummies for Pain

Inflammation, arthritis, migraines, muscle spams… We can experience pain in so many ways. It is something that we all experience at some point. Small pains, big pains, no one is immune to pain. Of course, out of the counter conventional solutions exist (hello Ibuprofene), but some molecules work better than others depending on how our […]

cbd oil for anxiety

CBD Oil For Anxiety: Top 10 Cannabis Edibles To Try

Rare are the people who don’t suffer from anxiety, whether this anxiety is caused by a family issue or a stressful situation at work, you might even have experienced anxiety without being able to really pinpoint why. Whatever the origin, you shouldn’t have to live with your anxiety and its consequences. Different methods exist that […]

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