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How To Make Edibles?

Contrary to what the general public and some new cannabis users think, raw cannabis leafs are not a key ingredient in cannabis edibles recipes. Don’t expect to chew leafs in your favourite pot brownies or weed cookies, you would be disappointed. Cannabis edibles, like many other things, require a bit more processing, so that tastes, […]

how to make CBD gummies at home

How To Make CBD Gummies?

Gummies bears… They are one of our favourite things when we think of our childhood, that’s why we enjoy them so much as an adult. Whether they contain cannabis or not, they are among the most popular candies. As a trusted cannabis edibles retailer in Canada, we, of course, carry a huge selection of THC […]

vegan cannabis edibles to shop

Top 4 Vegan Cannabis Edibles To Try

Almost 1 million Canadians are following a vegan diet. Another 6 millions are regular users of cannabis. Given the stats, it made total sense that the Canadian cannabis industry would offer vegan cannabis edibles that are not only delicious but also good for the animals and the planet. But what cannabis edibles to buy when […]

cannabutter cannabis edibles

Everything you need to know about cannabutter

Cannabutter, canna-butter, weed butter, you might have heard the terms, especially if you love cannabis edibles or love baking, but without really knowing what it is, how to make it or how to use it. That’s why, we, at Puffland, wanted to give an answer to all the questions you may have about cannabutter in […]

cbd edibles cannabis edibles

How Long For Cannabis Edibles To Kick In?

Who doesn’t know someone who had a bad experience with cannabis? Bad dreams, sobbing uncontrollably, passing out… This is all too common, especially for beginners, when trying cannabis edibles for the first time, but it’s not inevitable. Bad trips are usually just the result of taking the wrong dosage too fast. Yes, we know, cannabis […]

cannabis edibles

Cannabis Edibles: Our Top 10 Selection From Mota Edibles

Have you noticed that the selection of cannabis edibles on the market is becoming bigger and bigger? That’s because cannabis edibles are becoming more and more popular among users in Canada, whether they are looking for weed edibles with THC to get high or with CBD to ease pain. Edibles have lots of health and […]

Common Misconceptions Regarding Usage of Weed

Most of you would already know that cannabis is now legal for purchase and usage purposes in Canada. You can buy weed online or through cannabis dispensaries. Nevertheless, some of its underrated benefits and outcomes continue to be misunderstood or ignored. Listed below are some of the essential facts that one must know regarding marijuana […]

Best Ways to Store Cannabis and Retain its Freshness

No one prefers smoking marijuana that has become too dry. As and when that dried out marijuana hits the back of someone’s throat, they would, in all probability, cough a lot. So, after you buy weed online, what are the best ways to store it in order to make sure it remains fresh and retain […]

A Guide to Cannabis Intake Methods – Fastest to Slowest

For people experiencing symptoms such as long-term pain, making use of the quickest medical cannabis treatment plan is essential for their ease and comfort. In this article, we’ve outlined the 3 most in-demand ingestion techniques in order of the amount of time they take for the effect to kick in — from quickest to slowest […]

7 Unknown CBD Oil Benefits You Need to Know

With regards to cannabinoids in marijuana, the primary compound THC usually outperforms as being the one that helps in treating anxiety, epileptic conditions and mental disorders. CBD, on the other hand, does not have a lot of evident effects when isolated. When CBD is used with THC, it produces a calming effect that helps in […]

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