A Guide to Cannabis Intake Methods – Fastest to Slowest

For people experiencing symptoms such as long-term pain, making use of the quickest medical cannabis treatment plan is essential for their ease and comfort. In this article, we’ve outlined the 3 most in-demand ingestion techniques in order of the amount of time they take for the effect to kick in — from quickest to slowest […]

How to Determine an Ideal Dose of Medical Marijuana?

Dosing should not be underestimated. Should you be dosing to cure a certain disorder or pain, it is important to consult a competent medical adviser. With that in mind, there are a few safety measures you must pay attention to. An ideal dosage of marijuana is the one that works best for you. It is […]

How To Not Cough When Smoking Weed: Our Top 5

What can be more aggravating than coughing up your lungs each time you take a hit? A lot of people don’t get proper training in the right way to draw in – however, being your loyal Marijuana connoisseurs, we’re there to assist you! Irrespective of the way you prefer to consume, we’ll assist you to […]

Prominent Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Cannabis Online

Buying cannabis online is a task that few master. There are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind before actually making the purchase. You must be sure of what you are buying and whom you are buying it from. So, in order to buy cannabis online in Canada you must take […]

When Should You Buy Medical Cannabis in Canada Online

Want to buy weed online? Beware that medical cannabis is not for everyone. Not anyone with a small headache can go to a doctor and demand a prescription for medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is something that is only available to a very limited number of people in the whole population. Medical cannabis is not for […]

A Look at Historical Use of Cannabis Therapy

Medical marijuana and cannabis is not something as new as you might believe it to be. It is instead a product that has been used for ages now to relieve stress and pain by medical practitioners. Before you buy weed online, let us take you through the history of medical marijuana: In 2900 BC, Chinese […]

Top Benefits of Legalization of Marijuana

Since October 17th, 2019, weed is legal in Canada. Anyone above 18 can buy weed online for both medical and recreational consumption, as well as go to the nearest cannabis dispensary. Now that you can buy cannabis online legally, we thought it was important to recap the top advantages of marijuana legalization: 1. Medical benefits […]

Hacks To Differentiate High Quality Weed From Low Quality Weed

Think about this for a minute, you buy cannabis online, a high priced bag, excited to medicate yourself only to find your weed is not desirable. You all want the best when it comes to quality, but sometimes its hard to get it right, why is that? Because we aren’t very educated to separate quality […]

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