weed cookies cannabis edibles

Cannabis Edibles: How To Make Weed Cookies?

If you are interested in making homemade weed cookies, you are at the right place! Weed cookies are one of the most delicious and easiest cannabis edibles to bake, and, thanks to Puffland, you have now the recipe that will allow you to bake the best weed cookies you ever tasted (maybe even the best […]

pot brownies cannabis edibles

Cannabis Edibles: How To Make Pot Brownies?

Pot brownies are hands down the most popular homemade cannabis edibles. It’s delicious, easy to make and allow to satisfy all the sweet tooth while enjoying the full benefits of cannabis. Not only will they taste better, but when you DIY, you are also fully in charge of how much bud cannabis ends up in […]

cannabis edibles cooking tips

Cannabis Edibles Cooking Tips

Whether you want to bake a pot brownie, weed cookies or even CBD gummies, if you are considering cooking homemade cannabis edibles, there are a few tips that might come handy. Because, yes cannabis edibles are super easy to make at home, but if you want to be sure to experience all the cannabis benefits, […]

cannabis edibles recipe: cannabis tea

Cannabis Edibles: How To Make Weed Tea?

Cannabis is very versatile and there are so many ways to consume it without smoking or vaping. Cannabis edibles are a perfect representation of it. If you buy weed online in Canada, you will find edibles such as CBD gummies, pot brownies or capsules for example, but did you know that you could also find […]

how to make edibles - cannabis edibles on puffland

How To Make Edibles?

Contrary to what the general public and some new cannabis users think, raw cannabis leafs are not a key ingredient in cannabis edibles recipes. Don’t expect to chew leafs in your favourite pot brownies or weed cookies, you would be disappointed. Cannabis edibles, like many other things, require a bit more processing, so that tastes, […]

how to make CBD gummies at home

How To Make CBD Gummies?

Gummies bears… They are one of our favourite things when we think of our childhood, that’s why we enjoy them so much as an adult. Whether they contain cannabis or not, they are among the most popular candies. As a trusted cannabis edibles retailer in Canada, we, of course, carry a huge selection of THC […]

cannabutter cannabis edibles

Everything you need to know about cannabutter

Cannabutter, canna-butter, weed butter, you might have heard the terms, especially if you love cannabis edibles or love baking, but without really knowing what it is, how to make it or how to use it. That’s why, we, at Puffland, wanted to give an answer to all the questions you may have about cannabutter in […]

cannabutter recipe - weed butter

How To Make Weed Butter? The Cannabutter Recipe

How to make cannabutter? Cannabutter, also called weed butter, is extremely easy to do! First thing first, buy weed online in Canada from a trusted retailer, like us. The cannabutter recipe below can be made with any weed strains, either with Indica, Sativa or hybrid, but we especially recommend the following strains that will give […]

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