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Cannabis Online: The Best Back To School Cannabis Edibles To Shop

How to choose | Dosage | Best cannabis edibles for anxiety

2020 is a bit of an odd year. Since the beginning of the year, most countries in the world have been impacted by COVID-19. The pandemic is such that the economy and our entire lives have been changed. We live in a constant fear that we might get infected or that we might infect someone else. We might even have been already infected, whether we know it or not. This has been stressful times for sure, and it doesn’t seem to get any better. As Summer is ending, kids going back to school again, and more and more workplaces asking for their employees to come back to work, governments and health experts are more and more afraid that cases will significantly increase in the coming weeks and months. While we, at Puffland, care about your health, we thought it would be the perfect timing to share with you our recommendations on cannabis edibles that will help you with managing the stress and anxiety that you might feel right now because of the pandemic. If you want to buy cannabis online to boost your mental health, these are the cannabis edibles you should try!

Factors that define the best cannabis edibles for stress and anxiety

If you want to buy cannabis online to reduce your stress or your anxiety, it is important to choose the right cannabis products. In the list below are different things you should consider when selecting cannabis edibles:

  • Strain type: For anxiety, look for cannabis products containing Indica. While Sativa strains are commonly used to increase energy, focus and creativity, Indica strains are highly efficient in relaxing the body, reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia. 
  • Potency: All cannabis edibles don’t have the same potency. The one you should get when you buy cannabis online in Canada is the one you are familiar with. Now is not the time to test new dosages. It could actually be counterproductive as you might increase your anxiety level just by fearing to experience a bad trip. New user? Start low. The lowest the better. 
  • Hemp source: CBD, THC, hybrid? Which one to shop? In case of anxiety and stress, go for low THC cannabis edibles. CBD is highly efficient in reducing these mental issues. 
  • Taste: Not everyone loves the taste of cannabis or the same flavours in general. Stimulation of your senses of smell and taste influences our overall well being, especially when we are suffering from pain or anxiety. While some mild aroma and flavours can be great for your overall health, strong ones can be counterproductive. 

CBD Gummies: Dosage Chart

Not sure what dosage is right for you? In the table below you will see what dosage you should take depending on the effects, you are looking for. 

THC Dosage Experience
1-10mg Beginner
11-20mg Intermediate
21-65mg Moderate
66+mg Expert

Best Cannabis Edibles For Anxiety

Considering buying cannabis online to ease your anxiety? Here are the cannabis edibles we recommend!

Twisted Extracts – Jelly Bombs – 80mg CBD

With their delicious fruit flavour and yummy texture, the Twisted Extracts Jelly bombs are the perfect combination of gustative pleasure and relief. Its peach and pineapple aroma is an invitation to relaxation. Its CBD is a guarantee to feel relax and say goodbye to anxiety!

twisted extracts jelly bombs

Twisted Extracts – Caramelts – 80mg CBD

We love these caramels from Twisted Extracts. They are not like your regular caramels, they are even better, plus each bite will give you the much need stress relief you are looking for. No wonder they are one of the most popular cannabis edibles on the market.

buy cannabis online - cannabis gummies caramel

Marys Edibles – Dark Chocolate – 200mg CBD

When it comes to chocolate cannabis edibles, Marys Edibles are one the best you can find when you buy weed online in Canada. Their chocolate bars are delicious and efficient to reduce anxiety. 

Buy cannabis online with Puffland - cannabis edible cbd chocolate

Boost Edibles – CBD gummies – 150mg CBD

We love the lemon flavours and textures of these tiny but powerful CBD gummies. If you love lemon, don’t wait to try these cannabis edibles, they are the best!

CBD gummies canada Boost Edibles

Mota Edibles – CBD Tea

Drinking a warm cup of tea is comforting and relaxing, so imagine the mental relief you could get from a CBD-infused tea with a refreshing taste of lemon! 



We at Puffland carry the best selection of premium cannabis edibles. Whether you are looking for Indica, Sativa, THC or CBD products, we have a wide selection of THC & CBD gummies, cannabis chocolates, drinks as well as pot brownies from the best brands: Mota Edibles, Twisted Extracts, Marys Edibles and much more. Don’t wait to buy weed online in Canada with us! 

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