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Cannabis Edibles: What You Should Know About Marys Edibles

Marys Edibles set out to become Canada’s finest edibles. Their focus is on ensuring the highest levels of excellence in processing so that customers get the best quality and consistency out of their cannabis edibles. All products are developed with food professionals, experts, lab tested and patient approved. It’s not surprising that they are among the favourite cannabis edibles and gummies brands in Canada. With Marys Edibles, you will enjoy the taste, the effects but also the cute and yummy look of what you will buy. From packaging to the actual shape of gummies, everything has been designed to give you the best experience, whether you are a new user or a regular cannabis consumer.

Best Cannabis Edibles We Recommend You From Marys Edibles

Ready to buy Marys Edibles? We selected for you the best cannabis edibles you can try from Marys Edibles, whether you want to get THC or CBD, and whatever the effects and benefits you are looking for. 

Sativa Sour Swirls 55mg/140mg THC

Looking for THC gummies? Try the delicious Sour Swirls from Marys Edibles, they are by far one the most popular cannabis edibles from Marys! They are the perfect blend of sour and sweet. Begin the enjoyment with this flavourful Sativa gummy that will give you an uplifting high. Marys Edibles are not only a delicious way to experience cannabis edibles, but it also gives you a discreet and tasty cannabis experience. Don’t wait to taste these Sativa Sour Swirls.

buy cannabis online - cannabis edible cbd gummies marys

Why you’ll love it: The taste and effects on your body and mind!

What our customers say about it: These little guys are amazing I find they hit fast and hard with a whole gummy and great flavour as well” – Chris


Indica Teddies 55mg/300mg THC

Soothe and calm yourself with these Indica Westcoast Teddies from Marys Edibles — small, juicy, gummy teddies that deliver big effects. At 55mg-300mg THC, you’ll feel an uplifting euphoria and then mellow out to a deeply relaxed state. Effects can last for hours. Take these cannabis edibles before going to bed to get a really good night’s sleep.

Marys Edibles CBD gummies canada

Why you’ll love it: The Marys Edibles teddies also contain a healthy dose of CBD and CBN, so regular consumption can relieve you of many ailments, like back pain. Marys cannabis edibles are lab-tested for accurate dosage. On top of that, they’re made from high-quality ingredients.

What our customers say about it:Best edibles I’ve tried to date. Others can be hit and miss or just miss altogether, Mary’s delivers every time.” – Andrew


Sativa Bunnies – 55mg/300mg THC

Who wants gummies? We bet you will when you’ll hear that these delicious cannabis edibles from Marys Edible will help you beat fatigue, depression and moodiness. Enjoy the benefits of these Sativa gummies in dosage from 55mg to 300mg. Perfect for new and seasoned users that are looking for an euphoric high, want to relax or be creative. Cannabis edibles like this are the perfect way to medicate discreetly and conveniently. Don’t wait to buy Marys Edibles bunnies!

buy cannabis online - cannabis edible cbd gummies marys bunnies

Why you’ll love it: Whether you are a new user, a connoisseur or transitioning to a higher dosage, these THC gummies have the right dosage for you. Change your dosage, not your favourite gummies!

What our customers say about it:These are by far the best edible, I have tried many and was never been satisfied till now. Thank you” – Sarah


Fudge Pot Brownies – 55mg/300mg THC

Ain’t no fudging around on this one – take a bite or two of this Marys Edibles cannabis edible when in need of a quick way to shut down for a good recharge or nibble make those moments brighter. Potently sweet and satisfying as you delve into each rich morsel while in recline-mode at home and relax with the indica option. Or if you need a zippy way to make the most of your day then be free to enhance with the sativa option. 


Why you’ll love it: Marys Edibles is making one of the best pot brownies you can find online in Canada. Don’t wait any longer to shop this cannabis edible!

What our customers say about it:Great product definitely worth it!” – Kep


Weed Cookies 140mg/300mg THC

Enjoy the rich, chewy goodness of Marys Edibles Chocolate Chip Weed Cookie. Laced with premium Indica and Sativa strains, cannabis edibles like these give you an intense body high and sense of euphoria. With 55mg, 140mg, 300mg of THC in its formulation, prepare for an amazing, full body stone. It also relieves you of pain, migraine and insomnia.


Why you’ll love it: These weed cookies come in 55mg, 140mg and 300mg THC, allowing both new users and regular consumers to get the perfect dosage they need to get full benefits. Plus, the formulation of this Marys cannabis edibles is perfect to savour the cookies rich flavours without having to taste cannabis at all. 

What our customers say about it:Gave me a good happy buzz” – Jacqueline


CBD Oil Tincture 500/1000mg CBD

Looking for a CBD tincture to ease pain? Marys Edibles tinctures are specially formulated to have little to no THC content so that you can get the health benefits you are looking for without feeling high. In this cannabis edible, Marys Edibles blends the finest CBD extract with grapeseed oil so that you can use it topically and orally, depending on needs. If you have skin conditions, chronic pain or even nausea, cannabis edibles like these are your health’s perfect ally.


Why you’ll love it: This CBD Oil tincture is formulated with CBD extract and grapeseed oil to allow complete absorption and maximum effects. 

What our customers say about it:Works great” – Ryan


Salted Caramel Bar Triple Strength

Enjoy the rich, chewy goodness of the Triple-Strength Indica Salted Caramel Bar from Marys Edibles. Laced with premium Indica strains, this cannabis edible gives you an intense body high and sense of euphoria. With 140mg of THC in its formulation, prepare for an amazing, full body stone. It also relieves you of pain, migraine and insomnia.


Why you’ll love it: The formulation of this cannabis edible will allow you to taste only the rich flavours of caramel, not the cannabis flavour at all.

What our customers say about it:Very potent very strong hitting stone caramel was delicious” – Ron


Chocolate Bars 300mg THC

Chocolate bars are delicious by themselves, but imagine a cannabis edible that combines chocolate and THC! Even better don’t you think? That’s made possible thanks to Marys Edibles! Coming in various flavours, from mint, white, dark, espresso, almond, these cannabis edibles are the perfect way to unwind and let the tensions dissipate. Indulge with Marys Edibles chocolate bars, there is surely a flavour that you’ll love sinking your teeth into.


Why you’ll love it: This cannabis edible comes in so many flavours that you will surely find your favourite one for each occasion. 

What our customers say about it:I got so high I had an identity crisis. Definitely will buy again” – Leah


Want to buy cannabis edibles from Marys Edibles? Check our extensive selection here. From weed cookies and pot brownies to cannabis capsules and tinctures, we carry one of the best selection of Marys Edibles products you can buy online in Canada

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