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Cannabis Edibles: What You Should Know About Herbivores Edibles

Gummies, chocolate bars… What if you could enjoy your favourite childhood candies but as cannabis edibles? Sour cherries, candy colas, sour keys… Herbivores Edibles got them all! Same goes for the chocolate bars. This is the reason why so many people love Herbivores Edibles. They recreate our favourite candies into cannabis edibles and, that, without the harsh cannabis flavour thanks to high-quality cannabis distillate. Enjoy the wide variety of cannabis edibles that made Herbivores Edibles, Vancouver based cannabis producer, so famous in Canada.

Best Cannabis Edibles We Recommend You From Herbivores Edibles

Ready to buy Herbivores Edibles? We selected for you the best cannabis edibles you can try from Herbivores, whether you want to get THC or CBD, and whatever the effects and benefits you are looking for. 

Gummies – 25mg THC

Banana Blast, Blue Feet, Buzzy Peaches, Candy Cola, Cherry Sours, Grape Sours, Key Sours, Straw-buzzies, Watermelon Sours… So many flavours to try! If you are looking for delicious cannabis edibles and gummies, go for Herbivore Edibles. With different flavours and shapes, there is surely something you will love. Not only are they tasty, but they contain 150mg THC to give, the perfect dosage to experience the full benefits of cannabis on your mind and body. 

buy cannabis online - cannabis edible herbivores cbd gummies

Why you’ll love it: The fruity flavours and the texture of this Herbivores Edibles gummies are just too good to miss!

What our customers say about it: “My favourite edibles” – Branden

THC Swix – 50mg THC

Caramel-y, gooey, crunchy… The Swix chocolate bars from Herbivores Edibles are as delicious as the Twix bars, if not better! If you want to give cannabis edibles a try but don’t enjoy the taste of cannabis, Swix chocolate bars are for you. Infused with THC, you will enjoy the rich flavour and texture of this cannabis edible while experiencing the full benefits of THC. Shop Herbivores Edibles Swix now!

Swix – By Herbivores Edibles – 2X50mg THC

Why you’ll love it: The flavour of this cannabis edible is so rich that you won’t be able to taste cannabis, but ohh will you be able to experience its benefits!

What our customers say about it: “You gots to try this one. Bam boom” – Lily

Cannabis Sneakers – 50mg THC

Do you love chocolate, nougat, caramel and peanuts? You will definitely love these Sneakers THC chocolate bar from Herbivores Edibles. These cannabis edibles are as good as regular Sneakers, if not better. Plus, they are infused with THC for more pleasure and benefits. 

Sneakers – By Herbivores Edibles – 2x50mg THC

Why you’ll love it: These cannabis edibles don’t taste like cannabis, you will only be able to taste the rich flavours of this chocolate bar without having that after taste that cannabis can leave in the mouth. 

What our customers say about it: “Yummy just like the snickers bar with a little kick to it” – Lily

Racers – 50mg THC

Peanut butter, chocolate, THC… Yes please! Racers are one of Herbivores Edibles most popular cannabis edibles. Racers are like Reeses cups but even better. They don’t taste like cannabis, but trust us, the full health benefits are there! Herbivores Edibles’ commitment is to give you access to the best cannabis edibles possible without having to taste or smell cannabis.

Racers – By Herbivores Edibles – 2x50mg THC

Why you’ll love it: Nothing can beat the taste of these peanut butter & chocolate cups! It is so good that Herbivores Edibles also offers Racers with CBD only.

What our customers say about it: “Just the same as peanut butter cups so good”

Ponderbar – 50mg THC

Ponder Bar is the cannabis edible and cannabis chocolate bar you will soon call your favourite. Made with caramel, crushed roasted peanut filled and THC distillate, you will get all the benefits of THC without sacrificing the taste. This is truly next level cannabis edibles experience in a THC infused chocolate bar! This product is great to use in the daytime and helps with muscle relaxation. Enjoy this product as a mid-afternoon boost and ponder the rest of the day away.


Why you’ll love it: All cannabis edibles from Herbivores Edibles are manufactured so that you can feel the benefits of cannabis without being bothered by the taste of cannabis. 

What our customers say about it: “These are really strong! I ate 50 mg and it knocked me on my a$. I was floating so high. Great product.” – Anonymous

THC Berry Log – 150mg THC

Strawberries… We love them “berry” much! Especially when they come as cannabis edibles thanks to Herbivores Edibles. Enjoy a delicious strawberry cream-filled sponge cake log covered in coconut flakes. Cannabis edibles like these are the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to enjoy the benefits of THC without sacrificing the taste that you know and love. If you want to feel a little buzz and conquer the day, try this Herbivores Edibles cake!

Berry Log – By Herbivores Edibles – 150mg THC

Why you’ll love it: Not that many cannabis edibles and cakes on the market give you this delicious taste of strawberries. If you love this fruit, you will love this Herbivores Edibles product!

What our customers say about it: “Very good product. The flavour was just like you would expect. It was fresh and soft and I enjoyed it a lot. The buzz was nice and calm and I would buy it again” – Kelly

Twonkies – 150mg THC

Herbivore Edibles has brought us all some treats we know and love. Your favourite Treats are now available in a whole new way: Cannabis edibles. Each mouth-watering bite will be happily medicating you with 150 mg of CBD per Twonkie. Try not to get too caught up in this delicious treat, its easy to overindulge on something that tastes this good! Check out the science behind cannabis and chocolate. Amazing! 

Twonkies – By Herbivores Edibles – 150mg THC

Why you’ll love it: Herbivores Edibles commitment is to produce cannabis edibles that don’t taste like cannabis but that delivers the best effects and benefits. You can be sure to be satisfied!

What our customers say about it: “Perfect to help with stress” – Ryan

Martian – 50mg THC

Who doesn’t love a good Mars bar? It is now possible to enjoy one of the best chocolate bar through cannabis edibles. Yes! Herbivores Edibles did it! Their Martian bars is as delicious as a Mars bar, doesn’t taste cannabis at all, but is filled with THC distillate so that you get all the benefits of cannabis in a snack. This Herbivores cannabis edible will be your next go-to snack for the beginning of the day or the end if you just want to feel good and relax.

Martian Bar – By Herbivores Edibles – 2x50mg THC

Why you’ll love it: This cannabis edible from Herbivores contains THC distillate, one of the purest cannabis concentrates, allowing you to experience the best benefits possible. 

What our customers say about it: “Great taste and I loved it” – Ron

Dong Kong- 150mg THC

Looking for a creamy and chocolaty cannabis edible without having to taste the flavour of cannabis? The cannabis edibles from Herbivore Edibles are for you, especially the Dong Kongs cakes. Filled with 150mg THC, they will make the perfect snack if you want to experience the health benefits of THC. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy Herbivores Edibles!

Dong Kong – By Herbivores Edibles – 150mg THC

Why you’ll love it: The texture and rich flavour of these cupcakes is perfect!

What our customers say about it: “Gooood” – Jordan


Want to buy cannabis edibles from Herbivores Edibles? Check our extensive selection here. From cannabis edibles to vapes, we carry one of the best selection of Herbivores Edibles products you can buy online in Canada

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