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Cannabis Edibles: What You Should Know About Active Releaf

Vancouver-based, Active Releaf (Purebud) offers quality and innovative cannabis products, derived from plants, that can provide life-changing benefits. Embrace the holistic approach of the brand and add cannabis to your wellness routine through their renown selection of cannabis tinctures as well as topicals and creams. Active Releaf is not just a cannabis edible brand, they believe so much in cannabis and its benefits for your health that they have studied and tested the plant and its versatility, whether you want to get relief through cannabis edibles or through topicals. 

Best Cannabis Edibles We Recommend You From Active Releaf

Ready to buy Active Releaf? We selected for you the best cannabis edibles you can try from Active Releaf, whether you want to get THC or CBD, and whatever the effects and benefits you are looking for. 

Active Releaf – 400mg CBD Tincture

Pain, insomnia, anxiety… They all have a solution and it’s called CBD oil! Get fast relief with the 400mg CBD tincture from Active Releaf. CBD oil has excellent benefits whatever your condition is, and, taken sublingually, you are ensured to feel the effects quickly! Don’t wait to be pain-free, try Active Releaf!


Why you’ll love it: This cannabis edible is available in different flavours (spearmint, tropical and natural) to accommodate all tastes and uses. 

Active Releaf – 400mg THC Tincture – Orange

Are you looking for a cannabis edible that is discreet but also tasty? Try Active Releaf THC orange cannabis tincture. You will sure love the taste but the effects and benefits of THC even more! Give your body, mind and tastebuds what they deserve: Active Releaf THC tincture!

Why you’ll love it: Don’t like the taste of cannabis? You will love the orange flavour of this cannabis tincture.

Active Releaf – 1000mg CBD Tincture

Get rid of the toughest medical conditions with this 1000mg CBD tincture from Active Releaf! Formulated with both CBD oil and 100% coconut-derived oil, such CBD edible is the true health ally you need your body and mind at peak performance. Switch your health regimen, try CBD oil! 


Why you’ll love it: Coming in natural flavour, it can be used as-is, or with your favourite cannabis edibles! It is truly one of the most versatile high dosage cannabis edibles out there

Active Releaf – 1000mg CBD Tincture – Spearmint

Even the toughest medical conditions won’t resist this 1000mg CBD edible from Active Releaf! Formulated with both CBD oil and 100% coconut-derived oil, such CBD tincture is the true health ally you need your body and mind at peak performance. 

Active Releaf

Why you’ll love it: Enjoy the refreshing flavour of spearmint in this high dosage cannabis edible! 

Active Releaf – CBD:THC Tincture – Spearmint

Are traditional medical solutions unsuccessful to treat your insomnia or anxiety? CBD oil could be the key ally that your health needed! Try this THC & CBD tincture from Active Releaf! Each bottle of this cannabis edible contains 100mg THC and 400mg CBD oil which, combined will help you get rid of all the health conditions you might have been suffering in the past.

Active Releaf / PureBud 4:1 CBD/THC Tincture Spearmint

Why you’ll love it: Looking for hybrid CBD dominant cannabis edibles that are tasty and efficient? This is the one! 

Active Releaf – CBD:THC Tincture – Tropical

Looking for fast relief? Have you ever tried a 1:1 THC & CBD tincture? Shop this one from Active Releaf! This cannabis edible is a perfectly balanced mixture that brings the benefits that CBD oil offers while also including some of the desired effects that the THC element brings to the mix. Easy to use, tinctures are the perfect way to get fast relief whatever the condition you are suffering from.

Active Releaf / PureBud 1:1 CBD/THC Tincture Tropical

Why you’ll love it: Enjoy the tropical taste of this cannabis edible, not the cannabis taste!

Want to buy cannabis edibles from Active Releaf? Check our extensive selection here. From cannabis edibles to cannabis topicals, we carry one of the best selection of Active Releaf products you can buy online in Canada

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