Cannabis Edibles: What You Should Know About Shatter Bars

Euphoria Extractions and Shatter Bars was created upon the belief that everybody should have the option of mind-opening freedom, spiritual exploration and self healing when it comes to cannabis edibles. That’s why they have decided to give Canadians a way to get the happiness, spiritual and medicinal fulfillments they need through delicious cannabis edibles. Euphoria Extracts, though Shatter Bars, work hard to produce the best quality and the most reliable products, so that each consumer get the best cannabis edibles experience. Each portion and dosage are precise and accurate. Each recipe is tested and optimized both for taste, texture and effects, so that everybody can feel happy, safely, whatever the Shatter Bars cannabis edibles they are buying. Famous for their weed cookies and pot brownies, if you are looking for the best combination of flavour and effect, that’s Shatter Bars you should get.

Cannabis Edibles We Recommend You From Shatter Bars – Euphoria Extractions

Ready to buy Shatter Bars? We selected for you the best cannabis edibles you can try from Shatter Bars, whether you want to get THC or CBD, and whether you are craving for a sweet treat like a weed cookie or a pot brownie to get rid of a medical condition such as anxiety or insomnia. Unless you are just looking for a yummy snack. 

Weed Cookies – 50mg CBD

If you have to buy only one cannabis edible in your life, it should be this one. These weed cookies are not only delicious, they also contain the perfect CBD dosage to give you a full-on relief, whether you suffer from pain, insomnia, arthritis or anxiety. 

Buy cannabis online with Puffland - cbd edible cannabis cookie

Why you’ll love it: The Shatter Bars weed cookies are as delicious as homemade cookies, but with the guarantee you will get a precise CBD dosage.

What our customers say about it: “These cookies are fantastic! Half of a cookie literally made me so happy and energetic without all the negative side effects that anxiety medication would give me. “ – Anonymous

Weed Cookies – 100mg THC

Indica weed cookie? Sativa weed cookie? Whether you are suffering from insomnia, anxiety or depression, or want to boost your creativity, energy or focus, there is surely a Shatter Bars weed cookie for you. Each of these delicious cannabis edibles come with 100mg THC, a perfect dosage to get rid of all the medical conditions you may have while giving you the energy and drive you always wanted to have.

buy cannabis online - cannabis edible cbd cookies

Why you’ll love it: Each cookie comes with 100mg THC, perfect for cannabis connoisseurs or for stubborn medical conditions. 

What our customers say about it: “delicious strong cookie” – Travis

Sativa Pot Brownies 60mg/240mg THC

Pot brownies are among the most popular cannabis edibles you can get. Lots of cannabis users might have had their first cannabis experience through brownies. Shatter Bars allow new and confirmed cannabis users to get delicious chocolate infused cannabis edibles with 60 or 240mg THC. Get the finest of the finest with the Sativa Shatter Bars pot brownies and feel energized and happy. 

buy cannabis online - cannabis edible cbd chocolate brownies

Why you’ll love it: These cannabis edibles are coming both with 60mg or 240mg THC, allowing new users to increase their dosage while still enjoying the Shatters Bars product they love so much!

What our customers say about it: “These brownies are so good! Chewy chocolaty brownies are delicious tasting and great high!! Love them. Be careful not to eat them all at once they are that tasty!!” – Jojo

Indica Shatter Bars 250mg/500mg THC

Experience the finest of the finest with the lab-tested spectrum extracts in this cannabis edible from Euphoria Extractions – Shatter Bars. Each of these cannabis edibles come with either 250 or 500mg THC and have been designed to reach the perfect combination between flavour and effects. Milk chocolate, cookies & green, toffee crunch… The choice between all these delicious flavours won’t be easy, but whatever your go to flavour is, the benefits of this Indica infused chocolate bar are real. Say goodbye to stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia and hello to a wellbeing and peace of mind!  

Indica Shatterbar - By Euphoria Extractions - (250-500mg THC)

Why you’ll love it: This cannabis edible comes in various flavours, including a vegan and sugar-free option that will please all the health conscious. 

What our customers say about it: “These chocolate bars are the best” – Lily

Sativa Shatter Bars 250mg/500mg THC

Chocolate is good for the mood, so are the cannabis edibles from Shatter Bars, especially if you try this Sativa infused chocolate bar. Coming in either 250mg or 500mg, each of these delicious cannabis edibles contain the perfect dosage for you to feel energised, more focused and creative. Don’t wait to enjoy the benefits of THC infused chocolate bars!

cannabis chocolate shatter bar

Why you’ll love it: These cannabis edibles come in various flavours to please all the sweet tooth out there: Milk chocolate, cookies & green, toffee crunch and even vegan/sugar free.

What our customers say about it: “My go to edible I love these bars! You can eat one or two or how ever it suits you to eat they’re in even segments to measure your dose” – Ron

Indica Pot Brownies 60mg/240mg THC

Indica is known to to have amazing effects on your body and mind and is able to help with lots of medical conditions, including depression, insomnia, stress or anxiety. Full of magnesium, chocolate is also known to help lifting the mood and increasing overall happiness. So imagine what a cannabis edible combining both can do for you! Don’t wait to taste the rich flavours of the Shatter Bars Indica pot brownie! If you are looking for cannabis edibles that will bring you joy and wellbeing, give this a try!

buy cannabis online - cannabis edible brownies

Why you’ll love it: Coming in either 60mg or 240mg THC, these pot brownies are perfect for both new users and connoisseurs or for transitioning new users who want to change their dosage, not their go to cannabis edibles.

What our customers say about it: “Best two bite brownies!!! Highly recommended!!” – Jojo

Want to buy cannabis edibles from Shatter Bars – Euphoria Extractions? Check our extensive selection here. From weed cookies to pot brownies, we carry one of the best selection of Shatter Bars products you can buy online in Canada

Love Shatter Bars? Don’t hesitate to take a look at the other premium cannabis edibles brands we also carry: Mota Edibles, Twisted Extracts, Marys Edibles, Herbivores Edibles, Shatter Bars and much more! 

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