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CBD Oil For Anxiety: Top 10 Cannabis Edibles To Try

Rare are the people who don’t suffer from anxiety, whether this anxiety is caused by a family issue or a stressful situation at work, you might even have experienced anxiety without being able to really pinpoint why. Whatever the origin, you shouldn’t have to live with your anxiety and its consequences. Different methods exist that are helpful in reducing stress: Meditation, topicals, therapy or simply going to the outdoors. In the past years, a new way to treat this health condition has been proven to be super efficient: CBD oil for anxiety! You can find CBD oil in different products on the market: Topicals, vapes, concentrates… However, one of the best way to treat anxiety is through cannabis edibles. Not only will you get a delicious cannabis experience, but cannabis edibles are perfect to get diffused but long-term benefits on anxiety. Want to know which cannabis edibles we recommend you to try? Check our selection of edibles containing CBD oil for anxiety below!

CBD Oil For Anxiety: How Does It Work?

CBD is an amazing anxiety relief alternative. CBD oil is proven to reduce stress and anxiety as well as help with other mental health conditions, without the side effects that come with traditional health remedies. 

CBD oil interacts with a core component of the endocannabinoid receptors in our brain and immune system. Receptors are tiny proteins attached to our cells. They receive signals, mostly chemical ones, from different stimuli and help our cells respond. This response creates anti-anxiety and stress-free effects that help your mental health. That is why CBD oil is particularly recommended for anxiety, but also insomnia and stress.

When considering CBD oil for anxiety, it is important to understand that not all cannabis products are equal and will give you the same benefits. Anxiety can be felt for hours, even days. Heart racing, mood swings, constant stress and bad thoughts… All of these symptoms need a proper solution, something that will slowly give you mental relief and for a long time. Avoid any cannabis products that will give you a quick high and might actually increase your anxiety, when you want to get rid of it. What you should get is cannabis edibles! They are the best way to medicate yourself and say goodbye to anxiety. Why? Since cannabis edibles are going into your digestive system, their effects won’t be immediate and strong. The benefits will be diffused and long lasting. You won’t get a strong cannabis kick or high, but a more diffused wellbeing. That’s why cannabis edibles containing CBD oil for anxiety are so popular. 

Our 10 Cannabis Edibles With CBD Oil For Anxiety Relief 

From dosage as low as 5mg to dosage up to 1000mg, our selection of cannabis edibles with CBD oil for anxiety management are suitable for new cannabis users as well as connoisseurs, for patients with different dosage needs as well as for every lifestyle and taste buds. Whether you want to get your CBD dosage through yummy cannabis edibles or want to go straight to the point with CBD tinctures, we got you! 

Caramelts – Twisted Extracts – 10mg CBD 

With 10mg CBD per caramel, these cannabis edibles from Twisted Extracts are perfect for all the caramel lovers who are new to cannabis and want to feel its benefits on anxiety and stress. This low dosage allows multiple intake during the day which makes these little caramels even more essential for your mental health.Buy cannabis online with Puffland - cbd edible caramel

CBD Isolate Capsules – Marys Edibles – 20mg CBD

Sometimes, all you want is the active component, nothing more, nothing less. With these CBD isolate capsules from Marys Edibles, you will get one of the purest CBD extract in each capsule. No added flavours, no sugar, no GMO. Just pure CBD to make sure your anxiety is a thing of the past!


Reese Racers – Herbivores Edibles – 50mg CBD

Delicious peanut butter and chocolate cups that treat anxiety. Yes that’s possible thanks to Herbivores Edibles. Don’t wait to put your hands on these tiny treats. With 50mg CBD per cup, you are sure to send your anxiety away!

Racers - By Herbivores Edibles - 2x50mg CBD

CBD Tea – Mota Edibles – 120mg CBD

How comforting is it to drink a nice and warm cup of tea? If you are looking for a convenient way to get CBD oil for anxiety management from your morning cup of tea, switch your regular tea for Mota Edibles Lemon Grass tea. Delicious warm, you can also drink it cold with ice cubes to refresh both your body and mind!


CBD Gummies – Boost Edibles – 150mg CBD

Tiny chewy CBD gummies but maximum effects! If you are looking for a delicious snack that will also treat your anxiety symptoms, even the toughest ones, Boost Edibles CBD gummies are the one you should choose. These cannabis edibles have a delicious flavour of sour lemon and the perfect texture to wake your tastebuds up and keep anxiety at bay. 

CBD gummies canada Boost Edibles

CBD/THC Oil Tincture – Twisted Extracts – 150mg CBD/150mg THC

Get both the benefits of CBD and THC oil with this tincture from Twisted Extracts. Containing 150mg CBD and 150 THC, this cannabis edible is perfectly balanced so that you can get your health, body and mind back on track. Don’t live with your anxiety when you can live without thank to Twisted Extracts!

cbd tincture twisted extracts

Twonkies – Herbivores Edibles – 150mg CBD

150mg CBD in a delicious treat! If you are looking for cannabis edibles that will treat your anxiety while reminding you of one of your favourite childhood treat, that’s the one you should try. Herbivores Edibles only selected the best ingredients and CBD oil for you to say goodbye to anxiety and say a big hello to wellbeing!

Twonkies – By Herbivores Edibles – 150mg THC

Indica CBD oil Tincture – Twisted Extracts – 225mg CBD/65mg THC per bottle

Twisted extracts cannabis edibles


CBD Oil Tincture – Marys Edibles – 500mg CBD

Are you highly suffering from anxiety? Have you already tried low dosage CBD oil or cannabis edibles without much success? Are you a regular cannabis consumer? This highly dosed CBD oil tincture from Marys Edibles coming in either 500mg or 1000mg per bottle will kick out any sign of anxiety even the most challenging one. Because you shouldn’t be living with anxiety or stress, you should try this CBD oil for anxiety treatment.

Buy cannabis online with Puffland - cbd oil tincture

CBD Oil Tincture – Dickpunch Extracts – 1000mg CBD

This CBD tincture from Dickpunch contains CBD isolate, one of the purest and safest CBD concentrates, which guarantees you to get the best health benefits possible when taking cannabis edibles like this.

Buy cannabis online with Puffland - dickpunch tincture


Want to give CBD oil a try to treat your anxiety? Take a look at our full selection of CBD oil products specifically designed to treat stress and anxiety. From cannabis edibles, such as cannabis-infused drinks, CBD gummies, chocolates and CBD capsules, CBD oil makes wonders on anxiety. It would be a shame to miss it if you want to buy weed online to improve your health. 

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