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CBD Oil For Pain: Top 10 Cannabis Edibles To Try

Chronic pain, localised pain, whether they have a headache, a stomach pain, an injury or a chronic disease, no one should live with their pain. Different methods exist to get rid of painful symptoms, but everyone is different and may react differently to a same molecule or dosage. Besides, products on the market are not always convenient and quite frankly some of them taste pretty badly. Raise your hand if you already took a nausea capsule that tasted so bad that it actually increased your nausea? We did and we don’t recommend it – at all! What we recommend you, however, is CBD oil for pain and we just happen to have the right cannabis edibles for you! Whether you experience minimal or chronic pain and are looking for cannabis edibles with low CBD dosage, or on the contrary, cannabis edibles with a higher dosage to treat severe pains, find below our selection of the best edibles to buy in Canada with CBD oil for pain relief. 

CBD Oil For Pain: How Does It Work?

CBD is an amazing pain relief alternative. CBD oil is proven to reduce pain, inflammation and overall discomfort related to a variety of health conditions, without the side effects that most pain killers have: Kidney or stomach damage, nausea, constipation, dizziness just to name a few.  

CBD oil interacts with a core component of the endocannabinoid receptors in our brain and immune system. Receptors are tiny proteins attached to our cells. They receive signals, mostly chemical ones, from different stimuli and help our cells respond. This response creates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help with pain management. That is why CBD oil is particularly recommended for chronic pain, but also for arthritis, cancer treatments, or migraines. 

Our 10 Cannabis Edibles With CBD Oil For Pain Relief 

From dosage as low as 5mg to dosage up to 1000mg, our selection of cannabis edibles with CBD oil for pain management are suitable for new cannabis users as well as connoisseurs, for patients with different dosage needs as well as for every lifestyle and taste buds. Whether you want to get your CBD dosage through yummy cannabis edibles or want to go straight to the point with CBD tinctures, we got you! 

CBD Gummies – Spectrum MD – 5mg CBD

Yellow, red, orange, green, what will be your favourite colour? These CBD gummies are the perfect cannabis edibles to manage pain, especially if you suffer from chronic pain and need to take CBD multiple times a day. Not only are they convenient but they also have a delicious fruity flavour!

CBD gummies Spectrum MD - Weed edibles

CBD Caramels – Twisted Extracts – 10mg

Delicious caramels with CBD oil for pain management… If we were to tell you that you could get pain relief from eating caramels, would you believe us? Medication doesn’t have to be a tasteless experience. It can actually be a really delicious one. With cannabis edibles like that, we almost want to fake a headache just to get an excuse to eat them!Buy cannabis online with Puffland - cbd edible caramel

CBD Gummies – Twisted Extracts – 10mg 

Light pain? Big appetite? Have you ever tried the cannabis edibles from Twisted Extracts? They are delicious and have the perfect CBD oil dosage to treat light headaches or chronic pain that require multiple intake within the day. 


CBD Gummies – Mota Edibles – 20mg

Easy to share, chewy and tasty, each of these little CBD gummies from Mota Edibles are not only great cannabis edibles if you are looking for an afternoon snack, they also have the perfect CBD dosage if you want to treat pain. Try them for their flavour, keep them for their effects on pain management!

mota edibles sour cbd gummies canada

CBD Oil Capsules – Dickpunch Extracts – 25mg

Sometimes all you want to have is CBD oil for pain relief. No flavours, no sugar, no other ingredients. Nothing. Just pure CBD oil. That’s what you will get with these CBD capsules from Dickpunch Extracts. Only the good stuff! Get your CBD dosage anytime anywhere with this cannabis edible. 


Reese Racers – Herbivores Edibles – 50mg 

Chocolate, peanut butter, CBD oil… Forget about ibuprofen and try these Reese Racers instead. Each of these cannabis edibles contain 50mg CBD. That’s 50mg of pure enjoyment for your tastebuds especially if you are dealing with a strong headache. 

Racers - By Herbivores Edibles - 2x50mg CBD

Sphere gummy – Mota Edibles – 100mg

Eat the full sphere at once and you will get 100mg pure CBD oil for pain relief. Even the strongest pains won’t stick. Light headache? Why don’t you divide this delicious pineapple flavoured cannabis edible from Mota Edibles into pieces? Each piece will give you 20mg CBD. 

mota White Sphere

Cannabis Tea – Mota Edibles – 120mg

Drinking a warm beverage can be oh so comforting. It can also be good to boost your immune system or to kill a sore throat. With this cannabis infused drink, you will get all the benefits from CBD oil to ease pain, while also tasting a delicious lemon grass tea. Combining lemon and CBD oil, we especially recommend this cannabis edible if you have a cold or flu pain. 


Twonkies – Herbivores Edibles – 150mg

Twonkies are the cannabis edibles equivalent to Twinkies, to the difference that Twonkies are not only delicious but also good for your health. Each snack contains 150mg CBD oil. That’s more than what you need to kill any pain you may have. Whether you decide to eat it all at once if you have strong pain symptoms or divide it for to get lower dosage, it’s up to you. All we can say is that it’s one the strongest dosage you can find on the market to ease pain, so use it safely. 


CBD Tincture – Mota Edibles – 1000mg

Looking for a versatile way to get your CBD dosage when you are suffering from pain? CBD tincture might be it! Thanks to Mota Edibles, this 1000mg raw tincture can be taken directly in your mouth or added to your favourite cannabis edible recipes. It has no taste, but all the benefits of CBD oil for pain management!

buy cannabis online with Puffland - cbd oil tincture


Mota Edibles, Herbivores Edibles, Twisted Extracts, Dickpunch Extracts… All these cannabis edibles brands, that you can find in Canada when you buy weed online, have premium quality CBD oil for pain management. If you suffer from mild or strong pain, they are the brands you should consider first! As we, at Puffland, want you to get the best cannabis experience, carry these brands but also an extended selection of premium cannabis edibles: CBD capsules, CBD gummies, cannabis chocolate, pot brownies… Check it out!

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