cannabis edibles cooking tips

Cannabis Edibles Cooking Tips

Whether you want to bake a pot brownie, weed cookies or even CBD gummies, if you are considering cooking homemade cannabis edibles, there are a few tips that might come handy. Because, yes cannabis edibles are super easy to make at home, but if you want to be sure to experience all the cannabis benefits, there are a few things you’ll need to do. 

Tip 1: Be meticulous with the amounts of plant

There is not a recommended average dose per person. None of us react in the same way when using cannabis. It depends on different factors (consumption habits, weight, digestive system…). The effects of smoking and eating are very different. Cannabis edibles will slower but much more durable to experience. So if you are offered a piece of pot brownie, go little by little and wait to see what effect it produces. It usually takes about an hour to see effect. And please, don’t smoke a joint during that time… That would be a terrible idea! 

If you want to bake a pot brownie, we recommend to start with a half gram of cannabis (20% THC) for every 20g of brownie if it is in bud form.

Tip 2: Know how to use cannabis in cannabis edibles

Can I put raw cannabis leaves in a pot brownie? Should I grind them? Do I need to make infusions? Is it better to use cannabis concentrates over cannabis strains? If you are new to cannabis and are trying to bake your own cannabis edibles for the first time, you might ask yourself all these questions. To experience the full benefits of cannabis, it is recommended to mix grind leaves with a fat that you can use to make a cannabis edibles’ recipe. Most recipes will include cannabutter, a cannabis-infused butter (check our weed butter recipe). However, for most accurate dosage, the best solution, especially for new users, is to buy cannabis concentrates. Dosage will be more accurate, it allows to get the high or low potency you want, plus it is a gain of time when you bake!

Tip 3: Control the temperature

The ideal temperature for cooking cannabis in the oven is always the lowest possible. It is better to cook cannabis slowly at low temperature than quickly at high temperature. At high temperatures, the cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the cannabis have higher risks to evaporate, which means that you might lose all the benefits. For a pot brownie for example, we recommend you to cook it in the oven at 248°F for a minimum of one hour, until the dough is compact. 

 Tip 4: Avoid alcohol

It is generally recommended to avoid alcohol when you use cannabis. It goes for vaping but also when you eat cannabis edibles. If you have alcohol before or during cannabis consumption, you could experience a bad trip. So if you want to give a little twist to your grandma famous rum pudding with cannabis, well, you might have to avoid the rum!

 Tip 5: Be patient

Cannabis edibles are going through the digestive system. What it means is that, contrary to tinctures for example, effects takes a lot longer to reach, but when it does, it stays for a long time. So be patient and wait for the high. Don’t make the rookie mistake to take too much cannabis at once. You might experience a bad trip. 


With these tips you should have all everything you need to bake delicious cannabis edibles. Until then, don’t hesitate to check our selection of premium cannabis edibles, from THC & CBD gummies, cannabis chocolate, capsules, pot brownies and weed cookies as well as cannabis-infused drinks. We carry the best Canadian brands including Mota Edibles, Twisted Extracts, Shatter Bars, Herbivores Edibles and much more!

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