Is cannabis good for you?

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There are many claims that cannabis causes only adverse effects on its users, which is incorrect. Up until recently, information and scientific research surrounding the substance had been relatively scarce; with global legalization underway, the number of studies led in health sciences has increased tenfold in the last decade.

Previous legal hurdles restricted how the research was conducted, however, with many changes in federal legislation, more cannabis-related studies prove that there are in fact positive aspects from the use of the compounds found within the plant. Cannabis contains many chemical components, however, the ones garnering most of the curiosity is THC and CBD, and both these chemicals play a massive role in the beneficial and adverse effects of the plant.

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What is THC?

THC is the chemical compound found within the plant that makes cannabis psychoactive. It is the reason you feel “high” when you smoke, eat edibles, vape, etc. The main side effects of ingesting are generally distortion, headaches, tiredness, and hunger.

The chemical works by binding itself to the receptors in your brain, and also acts on ECS receptors throughout your body. THC has been used as an appetite stimulant and an antiemetic for AIDS and chemotherapy patients.

It is also an anti-inflammatory, which means that THC aids in neurodegenerative disorders like multiple sclerosis to depression, as inflammation is an underlying factor that contributes to a range of diseases.

Cannabis has been prescribed to patients with cancer to help with the harsh side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

People with mood disorders, PTSD, and anxiety generally have positive results after using cannabis. Sleep disorders such as insomnia are aided with the use of cannabis stemming from THC.

What is CBD?

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CBD is found within cannabis as well and carries many positive attributes with it. CBD can be ingested through edibles, oils and tinctures, pills and capsules, topicals and even vaping!

The chemical itself is a powerhouse of a pain reliever making it ideal for headaches or migraine. CBD has also been shown to not only help with anxiety but also with depression as well.

As per the many studies, the benefits don’t end there, CBD has been demonstrated to help in alleviating cancer-related symptoms. Many proponents and scientific analysts have praised CBD, and benefits that come along with it, as miraculous.

Furthermore, many herbalists and homeopaths have implemented daily supplement regimes consisting of CBD as an important cornerstone. This belief that CBD is as important to the human body’s symbiotic functioning, akin to vitamin D consumption, has become widely accepted, and many are prescribing daily doses in order to maintain well-balanced health. buy weed online canada - puffland - joint


Recent research regarding cannabis has mostly been positive, there is much negative stigma around pot because of its past. Many of the negative effects that are known to the general public are mostly untrue or have been debunked in studies.

Although there are a few negative side-effects concerning THC, the ultimate benefits that come from the use of cannabis are out-weighed. Furthermore, no one in our known history has ever died from overdosing, in comparison the the millions of deaths from alcohol and other prescription drugs. With this said, it cannot be concluded as a harmful substance, and any minimal negative factors should not be accepted as absolute, without first looking at the whole spectrum. 


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