Common Misconceptions Regarding Usage of Weed

Most of you would already know that cannabis is now legal for purchase and usage purposes in Canada. You can buy weed online or through cannabis dispensaries. Nevertheless, some of its underrated benefits and outcomes continue to be misunderstood or ignored. Listed below are some of the essential facts that one must know regarding marijuana usage, which are in contrast with the public wisdom:

  1. Consumption of weed could kill you: This is quite incorrect. Consumption of alcohol is responsible for nearly 89,000 deaths in Canada on a yearly basis and usage of tobacco causes about 490,000 deaths in a year. Now, this would be shocking for most that weed kills a total of zero individuals every year. For the majority of people, cannabis brings no life-threatening situations. Isn’t it a bit strange that the drug which causes the minimum deaths continues to be illegal in most of the countries? Things should change now – it’s high time!
  2. People who smoke weed are dangerous: This again is a huge misconception. Hundreds and thousands of drug offenders who are non-violent are facing life-term imprisonment without parole. Provided that the stigma pertaining to stoners being dangerous continues to persist amongst people, marijuana would stay illegal and even more people will be thrown away in the jail for possessing it. Studies have claimed that people who smoke weed show non-violent behaviour and it tends to calm their minds.
  3. Marijuana – a gateway drug: Well, this isn’t true at all! The fact is that the majority of stoners do not even continue puffing marijuana. There isn’t any kind of proven evidence that indicates weed encouraging the usage of other drugs. People who smoke weed might be more likely to consume other kinds of drugs; however, this does not imply that smoking weed actually causes them to do so. There can be a lot of factors which lead to making use of other drugs like penury, prohibition, and connection with people who use hard drugs.
  4. Weed presents no medicinal benefits: This is so not true! It may be a little shocking for a few people but cannabis is used extensively in treating several medical ailments and disorders in people. It has proven to be useful in reducing pain, and provide all-round relaxation to one’s body and mind. Medical practitioners usually prescribe cannabis to treat problems like muscle aches, loss of appetite, Crohn’s disease and seizures. The list does not end here. Cannabis products also do wonders to your skin and hair. There are a lot of cosmetic products that contain cannabis components and are widely used by people.
  5. Weed is totally harmless: Even though weed is way less harmful when compared to other drugs or alcohol, taking in smoke is going to impact the body in some way or the other. Marijuana can result in changes in the functioning of the brain in growing minds under the age group of 20-25. Smoking could increase heartbeat rate and trigger forgetfulness in consumers. Similar to consuming alcohol, regardless of the noticeable disadvantages people must have the liberty to make use of weed if they want to. Provided that they’re conscious of the implications, needless to say. At all times, smoke in a responsible manner.

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