Best Ways to Store Cannabis and Retain its Freshness

No one prefers smoking marijuana that has become too dry. As and when that dried out marijuana hits the back of someone’s throat, they would, in all probability, cough a lot. So, after you buy weed online, what are the best ways to store it in order to make sure it remains fresh and retain its proper taste? The answer to all your problems is appropriate storage.
Air, humidity and sunlight can have a drastic impact on the weed. Poor storage can turn a once fresh flower to a dried-out pile of brown-colored dust. Looking for proper ways to store the weed so it remains fresh? It’s not difficult. All it needs is the right container to store.
Listed below are 2 best weed storage options:
Some people who smoke marijuana like to make use of a basic mason while others prefer a specialized pot jar. The fact is that as long as it is a glass that is airtight, you will be good. Air tends to dry out the bud. When your weed is subjected to the air over a period of time, it would make the water content in the leaves to vaporize. After some time, all that would be left are crumbs, which are difficult to puff on. Ensuring the storage of the weed in a glass jar would help in keeping the air out, thereby, retaining its quality and freshness.
Glass is an organic material. It’s furthermore impervious and inert. Whenever you keep products in glass, not a thing will go in and nothing would go out. The things you place inside a glass container remain just as first-class as the time you set them in unless they are exposed to the air again.
Glass likewise doesn’t emit any kind of flavour-changing substances as temperature varies. This clearly makes it the ideal storage option if you want to really enjoy the actual essence of weed as well as retain the freshness.
The drawback? Clear glass doesn’t give protection to your weed from harm caused by the sunlight. Keep the glass containers in a dark cabinet that is not exposed to high temperatures. Light as well as heat, moreover, cause the moisture content in the weed to vaporize. Weed that’s been exposed to the sun throughout the day will get dehydrated and brittle, which makes it uncomfortable to puff on.
Additionally, weed secured inside a container starts to sweat any time it becomes too hot. This will increase the relative moisture content inside the glass jar, making your bud prone to molding. At all times, keep your marijuana in a cool area, faraway from direct light or perhaps any kind of heating factors.
When selecting your glass jar, dimension is important. Ensure that you choose a capacity suitable for the quantity of bud. Weed could decay in a jar that’s too large since surplus air is stuck inside.
Dark and Airtight Jar:
In case, glass isn’t your preference, the next most suitable choice is an airtight metal. To get the ideal preservation of taste, take into consideration titanium. In contrast to other metals, titanium doesn’t ooze any kind of flavour-changing gas with time.
Gasses are likewise the reason it is advisable to avoid using plastics. Although effective briefly, plastics impact the flavour of your bud over a period of time. A lot of plastics are susceptible to even minor variations of temperature. As plastic gets heated up it may emit odoriferous and hazardous chemicals in the bud. We at Puffland provide top-shelf cannabis flowers, concentrates, topicals, and tinctures delivered right at your doorstep in Canada. We are a one-stop solution to buying weed online at best prices.


  1. Does it help/hurt at all to keep it in your fridge or freezer?

    1. Hi there,

      It does affect the flower itself. It will dry out with low temperatures. It is best to keep in a warm environment.

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