cannabutter recipe - weed butter

How To Make Weed Butter? The Cannabutter Recipe

How to make cannabutter? Cannabutter, also called weed butter, is extremely easy to do! First thing first, buy weed online in Canada from a trusted retailer, like us.

The cannabutter recipe below can be made with any weed strains, either with Indica, Sativa or hybrid, but we especially recommend the following strains that will give you the best results and taste: White Widow, Death Bubba.

With your weed, follow the directions and make the best weed butter you can with it. Some like to spread the butter and spread it on their morning toast, or add a couple of tablespoons to a baked potato.

However, when you buy cannabis online for this cannabutter recipe, keep in mind that the stronger the weed the better the butter.

Step 1

– Pre heat oven to 240 degrees

– Place weed in a single layer on baking sheet

Heating cannabis allows it to activate THC.

– Bake cannabis for 40 minutes, turning to ensure even heating

– Take weed out, it will be dry and crumbly but worry not, this is perfect

Step 2

– Bring a quart of water to boil in medium saucepan.

– Place butter in pan allowing for it to completely melt.

– Use 4 sticks of butter per ounce of marijuana.

Step 3

– Once butter is completely melted, add weed.

– Once you add the marijuana turn the heat to very low.

– Cook for roughly 3 hours (When it is done the top of the mix turns glossy and thick)

Step 4

– Set heatproof bowl to hold finished product.

– Place a double layer of cheesecloth over top and secure with elastic.

Step 5

– Strain over the bowl, do not spill!

– Once saucepan is emptied, undo the elastic and pick up cheesecloth with all 4 sides and squeeze remain butter out.

Step 6

– Allow cannabutter to cool for roughly an hour.

– Place in fridge until butter rises to top and is a solid.

– THC has attacked to the butter so you almost made it!

Step 7

– Using a knife, lift the weed butter off.

– Place upside down on work surface and scrape cooking water off, you’re good to go!

Do you enjoy baking and eating cannabis products? We recommend you to check our selection of cannabis edibles as well as shop our CBD oil that will be perfect for your next weed recipes!

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